The Hoy Family
St John's Church, Newark New Jersey

Church Records of James Hoy

The church was founded in 1826 and was the first Catholic church in New Jersey.

Marriage records and Baptismal records are from 1832 onwards. These were both transcribed in 1885 and it is the copies that we have.

February 11, 1834. Baptism of Mary Anne Gartland, the daughter of Thomas Gartland and Catherine O'Brien. James Hoye was the sponsor. Thomas Garland was James' witness at his wedding as seen below. James' brother Thomas, had a man named Thomas Gartland as his god-father in Darver Parish, county Louth, Ireland

The marriage of James Hoy and Margaret Phelan April 30, 1834. Thomas Garland was the witness.

Baptism of Margaret Hoy October 18, 1835. She was born on Oct 5, 1835. Rosanna Brennan is her god-mother. James and Margaret named one of their daughters Rosanna and another daughter married Paddy Brennan. Paddy was well known to the family in Easton until about 1900.

Baptism of Sarah Jane Hoy November 7, 1841. She was born on July 6, 1841.


All of the photographs and information about the three generations of the Hoy family on these pages has been gathered by Bob Hoy of Arlington, VA. The information for the book "Story of the Hoy Family" was compiled by Bob Hoy and the artwork was done by Lou Smull. Bob is the son of Frank Hoy from the second generation born in this country and Lou is the grandson of Frank's brother Tom.