The Hoy Family

The Genealogy of the kings of Ulster

The images below of the kings of Ulaid (Ulster) are taken from the book: Irish Kings and High-Kings. 3rd revised edition, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2001 by Francis J. Byrne. It is considered the best source for information about ancient Irish kings.

The images to the right are about the same material, but taken from a book by William Reeves, who specializes in the history of County Down which is where the Dál Fiatach lived. More information and the full section on the Ulaid kings is found here.

The first king in these list to use the surname O'Heochaidh is number 56 in Reeves who was Donnsleibhe O'Heochaidh or Dunlevy O'Heoy (Hoy). He took his surname from his great grandfather Eochiadh (Owey) who was king number 44 and was killed by the O'Neills in 1004.

Some of the last kings in these lists took a new surname after Donnsleibhe O'Heochaidh and were called MacDunlevy.


All of the photographs and information about the three generations of the Hoy family on these pages has been gathered by Bob Hoy of Arlington, VA. The information for the book "Story of the Hoy Family" was compiled by Bob Hoy and the artwork was done by Lou Smull. Bob is the son of Frank Hoy from the second generation born in this country and Lou is the grandson of Frank's brother Tom.