The last 50 years of the Dál Fiatach. Five brothers (now called MacDunleavy) were kings in succession and the last one fell to the Normans in 1201.

Ua Lochlainn and Ua Cearbhaill invade Ulidia

1148 Four Masters: "An army was led by Muircheartach, son of Niall Ua Lochlainn, by the Cinel-Eoghain and Donnchadh Ua Cearbhaill, and the Airghialla, into Ulidia; and they carried off the hostages of the Ulidians, together with the son of the King of Ulidia, and left four lords over Ulidia on that occasion. The Ulidians and Airghialla turned against Mac Lochlainn and the Cinel-Eoghain after this."

Ua Cearbhaill aids the Uladh

1149 Four Masters: "An army was led by the Cinel-Eoghain to Magh-an-chairn, to expel Conchobhar; but Ua Cearbhaill prevented them, for he delivered his own son up to them, for the sake of Ulidia."

Ua Cearbhaill and Cuuladh Ua Duinnsleibhe into Breagha

1149 Four Masters: "A predatory incursion was made by Donnchadh Ua Cearbhaill and Cuuladh Ua Duinnsleibhe into Breagha, and they carried off many spoils...."

Ua Lochlainn invades Ulidia; Mac Gilla-espuic is killed

1165 Ulster: "A hosting by Muircertach Ua Lochlainn, [along with] both [Cenel-] Cona[i]ll and [Cenel-] Eoga[i]n and the Airgialla, into Ulidia, so that they harried all the country, except, the chief churches of the Ulidians and killed a countless number of them, including Echmarcach, son of Mac Gilla-espuic and including Ua Lomanaigh and they expelled Eochaidh Mac Duinnsleibhe [Ua Eochadha] from Ulidia. And Ua Lochlainn gave the kingship to Donnsleibhe [Mac Duinnsleibhe Ua Eochadha] and all the Ulidians gave their pledges to Ua Lochlainn, through the might of his regal power."

Ua Lochlainn and Ua Cerbaill imprison Eochaidh [Mac Duinnsleibhe Ua Eochadha]

1165 Ulster: "Eochaidh [Mac Duinnsleibhe Ua Eochadha] again attempts to obtain the kingship of Ulidia; but the Ulidians expelled him through fear of Ua Lochlainn and he was fettered by Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill, arch-king of Airgialla, by order of Ua Lochlainn. "

Bairche is given to Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill by Eochaidh Ua hEochada.

1165 Ulster: "... After that, Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill, arch-king of Airgialla and Eochaidh Mac Duinnsleibhe [Ua Eochadha] come into the presence of Ua Lochlainn, to ask for the kingship for [Eochaidh] Mac Duinnsleibhe, so that Ua Lochlainn gave the entire [kingship] to Mac Duinnsleibhe, in return for the pledges of all Ulidia. So that Mac Duinnsleibhe gave the son of every chief of Ulidia and his own daughter in pledge to O'Lochlainn. And there were given to him [Ua Lochlainn] many treasures, including the sword of the son of the Earl and he [Mac Duinnsleibhe] gave Bairche to Ua Lochlainn [and] Ua Lochlainn gave it to [Donnchadh] Ua Cerbaill ... "

The wife of the future (Ua Cearbhaill) king of Airghialla is the daughter of Ua Eochadha.

1171 Ulster: "Ane,daughter of the Mac Duinnsleibhe [Ua Eochadha] queen of Airghialla, died."

1171 Four Masters:"The daughter of Ua hEochadha, and wife of Murchadh Ua Cearbhaill, lord of Oirghialla, died."

Magnus Ua Eochadha is killed by his brother Donnsleibhe and the Ui Eachach Ulad.

1171 Ulster: "... And Maghnus himself was wounded. And moreover that Maghnus was killed shortly after in Dun by Donnsleibhe, that is, by his own brother and by Gilla-Oenghusa Mac Gilla-espuic, namely, by the lawgiver of Monaigh, after great evils had been done by him, namely, after leaving his own wedded wife and after taking his wife from his fosterer, that is, from Cu-maighi Ua Flainn and she [had been] the wife of his own brother at first, namely, of Aedh; after inflicting violence upon the wife of his other brother also, that is, of Eochaidh; after profanation of bells and croziers, clerics and churches. Donnsleibhe took the kingship in his stead."

1171 Loch Ce: ... and this Maghnus, moreover, was slain soon after by Donnsleibhe, i.e. his own brother, and by Gilla- Aenghusa, son of Gilla-Espuic, viz.:- the rector of Monach-an-Dúin, after he had committed manty great crimes; i.e. after abandoning his own married wife, and after carrying off the wife of his tutor, i.e. Cumhuighe Ua Floinn, (and she had been possessed by his own brother, Aedh, at first); after having offered violence to the wife of his other brother, i.e. Eochaidh; after profaning bells and bachalls, clerics and churches.

One of the Ui Eachach Ulad is killed by Ua Eochadha.

1172 Four Masters: "Mac Giolla Epscoip, chief of Clann-Aeilabhra, legislator of Cath Monaigh, was treacherously slain by Donslevy O'Haughy, king of Ulidia. The chiefs of Ulidia, who were as guarantees between them, put Donslevy to death for it i.e. for his crime."

1172 Tigernach: "The son of Giolla Easpaig, chief of Clann Ailebra, steward of Cath Monaig, was treacherously killed by Duinnshlibhe Ua hEochadha, king of the Ulaid, wherefore the guarantors that were between them, i.e. the nobles of Ulster, put him to death."

The Ui Eachach Ulad kill Ua Eochadha.

1173 Tigernach: "Duinnshlúibhe, king of Ulster, was killed by the Ui Eachach Ulad and by his own brother."

1173 McCarthy: Don Slúibhe son of Cú Uladh son of Conchobhar Mac Duinn Shlúibhe, king of Ulaidh, was killed by Uí Eachach, Uí Bhreasail, and Uí Niallain, with great slaughter of the Ulaidh, to avenge the killing of Mac Giolla Easpuig in violation of the relics and clergy of the north of Ireland a fortnight before that.

O'Cerbhaill and Mac Duinnsleibhe are allies.

1178 Loch Ce: Murchadh O'Cerbhaill, king of Oirghiall, and Mac Duinnsleibhe, i.e. the king of Uladh, came to them, however, on that night, and gave him battle.

1178 Tigernach: "A battle between the Foreigners and the Ulaid and the men of Oriel at Newry, and the Foreigners were routed, and 450 of them fell there, and a hundred Gaels in the counterflow of that battle, Murchadh Ua Cearbhaill, king of Oriel, and Ruaidhrí son of Duinnshlúibhe Ua hEochadha were victors."

The last mention of Ua Eochadha in the annals.

1208 Four Masters: "Duvinnsi Magennis, Lord of Clann-Aodha, in Iveagh, was slain by the son of Donslevy O'Haughy."